Annual Report 2017/18


Creative Learning Through the Arts
—an action plan for Wales

We have supported over
active state-maintained schools to date (that's 63% of schools in Wales)

Published our second independent evaluation report.

invested in our Lead Creative Schools Scheme

We have improved the quality of teaching to 90,800 learners both through and in the arts.


Showcased Lead Creative Schools at TATE Exchange; supported 13 schools to deliver live activity and exhibited work from 36 Welsh schools.


Promoted Creative Industry Careers at the SkillsCymru 2017.

Published a report on Wales’ involvement in the OECD creativity and critical thinking project.


"Our National Mission for Education is to raise standards, reduce the attainment gap and deliver an education system that is a source of national pride and confidence."

Creative Learning through the Arts: An Action Plan for Wales 2015-2020, supported with funding from the Welsh Government and the Arts Council of Wales, has now reached more than 63 per cent of schools in Wales. This means that nearly 91,000 pupils have learned about the arts and culture, participated in the arts, and developed creative skills across the curriculum. This is testament to the fantastic achievements of all the teachers, creative professionals and learners who have taken part.

Our National Mission for Education is to raise standards, reduce the attainment gap and deliver an education system that is a source of national pride and confidence. We are committed to the success and well-being of every learner, regardless of background or personal circumstance.

Creativity is, of course, at the front and centre of our transformative new curriculum and I believe in its power to enthuse, inspire and raise aspirations of young people in Wales. That’s why the Expressive Arts will be one of six Areas of Learning and Experience and one of the curriculum’s four purposes - supporting our children and young people to be enterprising, creative contributors, ready to play a full part in life and work.

This chimes with the purpose and approach of Creative Learning through the Arts and, as we move forward with the new curriculum, there’s much good practice that we can learn from and apply across the board.

I’m proud of what has been achieved through the programme and want to thank everyone who has worked to make it such a success.

— Kirsty Williams AM, Minister for Education

"I got to work with some really cool people from lots of different backgrounds and it’s helped me to realise that I definitely want to do Media at college after school."

Impact Statement

"I never, in my wildest dreams, imagined that our learners would be sitting here having a philosophy lesson and being completely engaged with it the whole time!"

Lead Creative Schools

Supported our third and final round of
Lead Creative Schools

Delivered Lead Creative Schools training to
representatives from the cultural and heritage sector

Delivered Creative Practitioner training as part of the Lead Creative Schools scheme

Awarded 32 new school-to-school support applications


Produced a series of four case study videos tracking the impact of Creative Learning via our Round 3 Lead Creative Schools

Trained over
teachers in the final cohort of
Lead Creative Schools

Number of Grants per round


Round 1


Round 2


Round 3

Number of Schools per round


Round 1


Round 2


Round 3

"That will be one of the lasting legacies of the project—that creativity is equally as important as literacy, numeracy, science and all the other traditional topics."

The Lead Creative Schools Scheme continues to deliver groundbreaking results across the curriculum and all over Wales as it hits maturity in its third year. The pedagogy of  Lead Creative Schools continues to attract global attention and now has links with India, Croatia, France, Scandinavia and of course England, where we had the privilege of showcasing the work of Wales' Lead Creative Schools at London's Tate Exchange in April 2018.

Fund Information

"They have developed the skills not only to perform on stage, but also transferable life skills that will continue to prepare them for the future."

Experiencing the Arts

Go & See applications
(454 overall total up to 31 Aug 2018)

Awarded 22 Creative Collaborations grants (60 overall total up to 31 Aug 2018)

Awarded 51 WW1 Commemorative Activity grants


Total amount of funds (£) awarded 2017/18


Go & See


Go & See WW1


Creative Collaboration

Number of learners that have benefitted 2017/18


Go & See


Go & See WW1


Creative Collaboration

Creative Collaboration

Creative Collaborations is an innovative fund, where partnerships of schools and arts organisations are able to apply for up to £15,000 for truly innovative and ground-breaking expressive arts projects. The fund has been as popular as ever this year, with projects as diverse as theatrical escape rooms to bespoke digital instrument, and ballet to fine ceramics to beat boxing.

Go & See

Go & See is our incredibly popular fund that schools are able to utilise in order to attend high quality arts activities. We will pay for up to 90% of costs including tickets and transport for up to £1,000. This year the fund has been used to see incredible plays and musicals, attend classical music concerts, galleries, workshops and literary festivals to name but a few examples.

"It changed the way I thought about art in lots of different ways. It was amazing. Thank you."

Regional Arts & Education Programme

CPD opportunities for teachers and artists across Wales.

Host 28 networking opportunities for teachers and artists across Wales.


Delivered our first national event.

Make 32 Arts Champions available to schools across Wales.


"Working with other people, you reignite that passion for art and creativity. You bounce ideas off each other and you get to be a kid again. Play around, have fun. That's what it's all about, isn't it?"

Our four Regional Arts and Education Networks have been working hard this year, putting on exceptional training for teachers and artists alike across the length and breadth of Wales, as well as brokering many new links and relationships between schools, arts professionals and arts organisations via a number of means including of networking events and online platforms. They’ve also continued to manage the Arts Champions programme to provide support for Expressive Arts teachers in schools across the regions.

"I felt more confident in myself, within my class and being on the stage in front of everyone. I felt really proud of remembering all my lines and staying in character for the performances"

Celc Toolkit

Celc helps teachers and artists work together to develop pupils’ literacy and numeracy skills through the expressive arts. Whatever your subject specialism or artform, this Toolkit is full of inspiring ideas, useful links and practical guidance to support your class to meet the requirements of the National Literacy and Numeracy Framework (LNF) in new, fun and engaging ways.

Website user engagement:


Page views


Unique Users


Average Session Duration

Visit the CELC Toolkit >

Regional Stats


Total number of Lead Creative Schools: 577

Creative Collaborations awarded: 43

Go & See awarded: 258

Go & See WW1 awarded: 48

"What was really lovely to watch, is all the pupils supporting each other throughout the performance.... It was amazing to watch such a collaborative effort"


Raise the international profile of our Creative Learning Through the Arts programme

Publish our third independent evaluation report

Host a national event in April 2019 to showcase the wealth of learning that is surfacing across the programme

Support the promotion of Creative Industry Careers at SkillsCymru 2018

Support 32 Lead Creative School school-to-school development projects working with an additional 38 schools across Wales

Support our third and final round of 228 Lead Creative Schools in their second year projects

Train approx. 120 teachers as part of the Lead Creative Schools scheme

Deliver Creative Practitioner Training as part of the Lead Creative Schools scheme

Provide 60 CPD opportunities to teachers and artists across Wales

Provide 12 networking opportunities for teachers and artists across Wales

Make 50 Arts Champions available to schools across Wales

Generate content and share best practice on the Creative Learning Zone

Awarding approx. 200 Go and See applications

Awarding approx. 18 Creative Collaborations applications

Award grants of up to £1000 to schools across Wales as part of the First World War Commemoration

"You can see some examples of tremendous teaching, and all of this combines to really change the nature of how a whole range of subjects are taught in schools."

And so we conclude our report, and hope that you have gained some insights into the truly amazing work that has happened up and down Wales this past year. We continue to evaluate and learn as we go along, listening to the voices of our stakeholders in order to be agile, and to innovate along the way.

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